May 6, 2011
@ 12:36 am

JDW on suspension until further notice!

>.< I’m definitely late with this message. But if you’ve actually made it this far in my JDWs…congratulations! I’m surprised you were able to read it. My life is busy, as of now, so I can’t really make any right now. ._. I know I’ve missed so many days, but they will be made up for if JDW comes back up.


May 1, 2011
@ 4:04 am

JDW #182-184 (All in one post!) 4/28-4/30

1) JDW #182- “No matter how you sleep, you’re going to wake up to something different every day.” You can’t just expect that “this chain of events” will happen every time you wake up. There’s something that just tips the scale, whether good or bad. It could be someone who is in a bad mood in your house, or it could be some good news about your job. 

2) JDW #183- “Just one victory gives you your redemption.” I’m actually a tennis player, Junior Varsity to be exact. Well, today (or, today as in Friday) I had a tennis match in singles. I was truthfully scared, because for the past two games I had played in were in doubles, and I had lost. However, as the game progressed, I realized that I could win. And that’s what I did. Everyone was happy about my win. ^_^ I wish I could always win. How it applies to you? Though you try something that you’re interested in, and you keep losing, don’t quit! There should never be something to stop you from your interests. (However, please remember you should know the limits of what I’m saying.)

3) JDW #184- “It’s because we never dared to, that we never found out.” Now, I know that there has been a battle of the ages. In fact, we know it as the “battle of the sexes.” But girls, have you ever tried out something that a guy has? And guys, same thing. Have you done something a girl has? In truth, it’s not “bad.” Girls may find sports more appealing after, and guys may want to spend a bit of extra time looking good in the mirror. Does it hurt to try? Besides maybe a few hateful comments, no. But then again, there’s always hateful comments. So it’s whatever.


Apr 28, 2011
@ 1:18 am

JDW #181 4/27

"One time…all you need is one time, and then it’ll be over."

Today, I took one of the hardest tests in high school (or at least, very difficult for me); the mile run. It worried me, because I didn’t even see it coming. We were at the track, and then all of a sudden, I was called. I didn’t even know until my teacher told me, “Oh, you’re running the mile.” When I heard this, I was like…”No…” It’s because I didn’t really have such good times on the mile. Best I remembered was the 9:59 run I had, and I had to make it under 9:30. 

To make a long story short, I finished the fourth lap, and I was told…”8:40. You pass.” As soon as I heard that, I was like, “Thank you God!”

All you need is putting your effort into difficult things, and you’ll see your rewards pile up for just one event that you decided to work for. Think about your rewards when you always try!


Apr 28, 2011
@ 12:40 am

JDW #180 4/26

"Secrets revealed to you come in their own time…"

Well, I learned a lot of things today (as in Tuesday). And yes, I do mean that school-ward. But  not towards academics. More like the teachers who help us with learning. Though one good event occurred, later on, I was also brought bad news. 

The good thing was that one of my teachers would’ve left (due to being paid); however, they had that taken care of and he would stay the rest of the year (as he was a substitute, and one of my friend’s brother as well). So I was like, “Hurray!”

But then I also heard something that just crushed me. My second, if not, favorite teacher was getting laid off from work. He’s my Spanish teacher as of now. So I pondered why he would be cut off. Darn budget cuts. ._. And I guess it was his first year teaching, so they laid him off, I guess. 


Apr 28, 2011
@ 12:33 am

JDW #179 4/25

"Who says distance has to always separate people from each other?"

I believe in the fact that there are different things in life that can’t be moved by simple obstacles like distance. Examples: Motives/dreams and love.

Motives- You’re here to do something. Are you going to let a wall of mountains and plains discourage you from getting there? No! What’s a mountain compared to your objective? Nothing but death can separate you from it. If you’ve striven for something for a long time, distance should only be something to consider, not something to hurt you.

Love- Many people have their “favorite” people, whether it be someone close like a relative, or someone dear. So why will you let 5000 miles separate people? Today, we have things here that give us an advantage. Why not take that chance and use it to communicate with those people? I still talk with the cousins that I have in San Jose, although I’m here in the Central Valley. So don’t “hang up” on those people until next you see them. Continue to build that relationship.


Apr 25, 2011
@ 3:13 am
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JDW #178 4/24

"Opportunity comes to those willing to serve." 

It happened to me today (or well, yesterday, as I’m posting this at 12 a.m.) where a great day had come upon me. I thought it was all done until…

"No!" "I told you." "Epic fail?" "I so foresaw this."

Nothing really that bad. Just that the game Frisbee that the people I was playing with got stuck up on top of a roof. And we couldn’t get it down. That is, until I realized…”Why am I not doing anything productive? I need to help out in some way.” 

Truth is, I really wanted to help, but I saw that I was incapable of doing anything until I found a way to climb to that roof. I’m serious, it felt like ages before we found a solution. I had to climb a table to get on top of the roof. Now bear in mind, the table’s not unfolded. I had to climb on the side with the leggings of the table. 

To make a long story short (and skip an embarrassing moment), I was able to retrieve the Frisbee, and I saved the day! Whoosh! No, but really. I don’t know if it was my wish to help in some way, or just my luck that I was able to do such a feat…I want to do it again! 


Apr 25, 2011
@ 3:05 am

JDW #177 4/23

"What you thought at first may not be the result."

That’s the reason for making educated guesses and finding out the solution to your problems to see if you were correct. Scientists do this throughout their lives and it pains them sometimes to find out that their hypothesis wasn’t correct.

Now how does this relate to us? There’s many ways, but I’ll show you how it affects us mentally. We think that while we’re growing up, our parents will do everything for us, but we need to step up and actually do something. You’ll find that they will make you learn by practicing over and over. 


B: It’s been three years since we’ve met, huh?

G: Yeah, it has. That’s pretty neat.

B: The truth is, I like you.

G: I’m sorry, but I don’t feel the same way.


A typical skit that is reenacted throughout many lives, whether it’s the boy or girl confessing. The confessor thinks the other shares the same feelings, and finds out that they don’t. Well, what are you going to do about that? Rejection sucks, but who cares? It’s better to have tried than to have “What if’s?” for your whole life.

In all, things won’t always be what you expect them to be. A normal day may turn out to be the worst for you. What’s in store for us? Even that question puzzles me.


Apr 23, 2011
@ 2:35 am

JDW #176 4/22

"Don’t let distractions ruin your focus." 

There are so many things out there that will try to annoy you; make you mad; ruin your day. But sometimes it’s not their fault. They may not know they’re annoying you. But that’s not the point. You shouldn’t let them get to you. 

Say you’re in cooking class with your friend. Now, if you talk with your friend and not join the class, will you learn how to cook that bread you learned today? No, because you were too busy being distracted from your goal!

Try to focus in on your objective, with careful attention. If it’s that important, you should really be listening.


Apr 23, 2011
@ 2:22 am

JDW #175 4/21

"The day goes by how you would define it."

Well…to me, there’s the average day, the bad day, and the good day. 

Average days: Monday-Friday

Mondays are those days where you’re just tired from the late nights during the weekend. Tuesdays just make you think about the weekends. Wednesdays tempt you when you realize that you’re only half-way through. Thursdays tell you you’re not done yet with the hustle and bustle of school/work. Fridays give you a lot to work with as the upcoming weekend approaches.

Bad days: Uncommon, but…Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Now…why not Tuesday? Well, Monday gives you the habit of sleeping at a regular pace once again, so people should be rested and ready for the day. Besides, not many things happen on Tuesdays (or at least, that’s on my behalf).

Good days: Rarely through the weekdays, but often on Saturdays and Sundays.

That’s the weekend! It’s your time to kick back, relax, and do what you do best. Eat, drink, have fun, and sleep.


Back to the topic. Now how does the wisdom quote relate to all this? Think about willpower and function. If you have the will to something, you’ll do it. But if you don’t “feel like it,” you won’t try as hard. So try listing all the days as a “good day.” What does that mean? Think positive every day and be prepared for what’s to come at you.


Apr 23, 2011
@ 2:12 am

JDW #174 4/20

"It’s something inside of you that makes you tick." 

Well, I was at the mall today (although I’m posting this on Friday, it refers to Wednesday) with my cousins and siblings, when we stumbled across a shop. It wasn’t a kind of “famous” shop. Just a little, humble shop with the owner. The thing is, we were looking for something to buy, but we noticed that as we looked back at the owner, she would stare at us. It was pretty awkward, so I just turned around and kept looking.

At that point, I wanted to get out. But you can’t just “leave” after someone thinks you’re going to buy something. So you’ll either have an alibi, tell them you’re leaving, or just plain leave. Now, I’m a nice person and all. (You thought I was going to say “,but…,” didn’t you?’ So I obviously couldn’t just leave. And I’m a tad shy at some points, so…couldn’t tell her we were leaving either. So…an alibi…

An hour before, we had lunch. I thought, “Wait…isn’t that going to have to come out sometime?” So I turned to my group and said, “Where’s the nearest restroom?” And then, I walked with them away from the shop. (On the side, I kinda feel bad doing that. But my body truly needed to rest from the walking.)